Atream Hôtels SCPI
1st SCPI dedicated to hotel real estate
Open-ended income generating SCPI vehicle
created in 2016

Recommended investment horizon: 10 years
AMF SCPI certificate no. 16-27 dated 23 September 2016


Creation and management of a long-term rental property portfolio dedicated to the theme of the tourism industry in Europe.

MVDR 2019 : 4.75%*

Min. subscription 5 shares

Period of use :  1st day of the 4th month following subscription

Distribution frequency : Quarterly

Capitalisation as of 31/12/2019 : € 174,725,000

* Market Value Distribution Rate (MVDR), calculated as the ratio between distributed income and the average share purchase price. Warning: Past performance is not a guide to future performance.


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A dedicated real estate investment strategy targeting both business and leisure hotels and tourism real estate.

Since the creation of Atream in 2008, we have been convinced of the opportunity of investing in hotel real estate.
Both the economic prospects of the hotel market in Europe and the consolidation of its main players support this analysis.

By creating the Atream Hôtels SCPI, we are, for the first time, offering individuals a purely real estate collective solution to invest in the hotel sector.

Pascal Savary, Grégory Soppelsa

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of ATREAM.

14 million

direct and indirect jobs related to tourism in 2018


Why choose Atream Hôtels?

A different asset class complementing offices and shops
Properties managed by tenants through long-term lease contracts
A potentially high occupancy rate and rental stability
A manager specialising in hotel real estate investment

Investing in real estate is a way to diversify your investments. However, your savings should not be fully invested in this market. In particular, it represents a risk of capital loss.

See the risks


100 %

Investment Strategy

  • Midscale hotel properties located in major urban areas offering strong tourism fundamentals
  • Key brands and solid tenants
  • Existing properties offering immediate returns
  • Long remaining lease terms: average remaining lease term over 17 years
  • economically solid Eurozone countries: geographic diversification without currency risk



Le commentaire Atream


Le commentaire Atream


Le commentaire Atream


Formation date13/09/2016
Recommended investment period10 years
Maximum authorised capital€40,000,000
Capital as at 31/03/2017€796,000
Minimum initial subscription5 shares i.e. €5000
Available via life insuranceNo
Split ownership rightsNot currently
Subscription fee10% excl. VAT (12% incl. VAT)
Annual management fee10% excl. VAT (12% incl. VAT)
Visa AMF SCPI16-27 dated 23/09/2016
Immeubles au 31/12/2016-
Locataires au 31/12/2016-
Taux d’occupation physique au 31/12/2016-
Taux d’occupation financier au 31/12/2016-
Répartition géographique au 31/12/2016
Zone Euro%

Répartition géographique au 31/12/2016

  • Pays 1
  • Pays 2

Répartition par type d’actifs au 31/12/2016

  • Hôtels
  • Résidences hôtelières
  • Résidences de services
Capitalisation as at 31/03/2017€995,000
Number of shareholders as at 31/12/201624
Number of shares as at 31/12/2016995
Shares pending as at 31/12/20160
Subscription price (net of all costs)€1,000
Withdrawal value900 €
Realisable value as at 31/12/2016ND


A société civile de placement immobilier (SCPI) is an unlisted fund for collective investment which invests solely in tangible real estate.
SCPIs are intended for any type of investor wishing to invest in real estate markets and aiming to hold the investment over the long term.
For a few thousand euros , and in return for a risk of capital loss and reduced liquidity, they permit:
indirect access to real estate markets which have traditionally been reserved to professional investors;
benefiting from a full delegation of management to a real estate specialist;
receiving a potential supplementary income;
an investment benefiting from a real estate risk diversification approach.
The recommended investment period is 10 years. The SCPI bears the costs related to the management of the investment and the real estate assets.

In accordance with Article 8 of the General Tax Code, SCPIs are tax transparent, they are not subject to corporation tax.

Their taxation is dealt with through the tax treatment of their shareholders (progressive regime of income tax for private individuals or corporation tax for legal entities). Natural persons may declare their real estate income either under the micro-regime for small real estate holdings (under certain conditions), or under the standard regime. The income from cash placements are taxable in the category of income from securities investments for French-resident natural persons.

General principle for taxing French-source income

The profits generated by the company, together with capital gains observed on a sale or withdrawal of shares, are therefore directly taxed at the level of each shareholder according to their own tax status, for the portion of their corporate rights in the SCPI.
French-source income and real estate capital gains are subject to welfare contributions at the fixed rate of 15.5%.

General principle for taxing foreign-source income

– Foreign-source real estate income is subject to tax in the country in which the property is located. It is therefore deducted at source. Welfare contributions do not apply to foreign-source income;

– income received from the SCPI is declared and taxable as real estate income for the investor; However, depending on the tax treaties concluded between France and the country in which the SCPI invests, rebalancing mechanisms may be available, such as tax credits, thereby avoiding double taxation of income.

For further information: please consult the SCPI Atream Hôtels information memorandum that can be downloaded in the documentation section of the site


Shares in SCPIs are long-term investment vehicles and must be acquired with a view to diversifying assets.

Risk of capital loss
Market risk
Liquidity risk
Leverage risk

In the event of a loan-based subscription: The investor’s attention is drawn to the fact that the lack of income and capital guarantee on the SCPI does not affect the repayment obligations inherent in taking out a loan. In the event of non-repayment, the shareholder may be forced to sell its shares and be required to bear a risk of capital loss. Reselling the shares may not cover the repayment of the loan.


If you would like further details regarding the terms used in our explanations, the glossary will help you.

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